Matthew - Discussion

WEEK 7: Salt and Light

Read this overview 

Jesus is Immanuel, God with us. He is Messiah, the long awaited king of Israel and the world. Jesus came to usher in a new era of human history called the kingdom of God and to show us a new way to be human. This is good news for all of us. Join us as we walk through the Gospel of Matthew and encounter the Jesus who changes everything.

Begin with silence and prayer
5 min

Gather together as a LifeGroup, as a family or find time alone in a comfortable setting (around a table, on the couch, the floor of the living room, etc.). Invite the Holy Spirit to lead and guide your time. Then spend a few minutes in silence. 

Why silence, even while together? Because we live in a busy, noisy world, under a non-stop assault of distraction. In the midst of all the chaos, it’s hard at times to hear the voice  of God, and that of our brothers and sisters. As we gather together as a family, we want to hear what the Father is saying to and through each of us, and respond in turn. A great way to do that is to begin each time with silence and prayer.

Reflection on Sunday’s Sermon
15-20 min

If you are in a LifeGroup of 10 or more, divide into small groups of 5 – 7 people each (ideally same gender). Spend a few minutes catching up on life. Then talk about the following debrief questions:

1. What thoughts or reflections do you have about the sermon?

2. How did this week’s sermon build upon the beatitudes?

3. Were there any specific things you heard from God?

Open the Bible together
15-20 min

Have somebody read Matthew 5:10-16.

Discuss the following questions:

1. Look at the beatitudes and then this passage on salt and light, the way believers can impact and influence the world. What stands out in this description?

2. In order for salt to be effective it must be distinct from what it is spread upon. In the same way, our influence as Christians and followers of Jesus depends upon being distinct from the world. There is no doubt that this can be difficult and even could seem controversial. What does this look like in your life and family? In our world today?

3. Jesus tells those listening to “let your light shine before men.” What does he mean by this? How did he live this out? How do we?

Work through these reflection questions
10-15 min

1. What excites you about being salt and light, an agent of change for the gospel?

2. What are you fears and reservations about being salt and light?

3. How can you personally live into Jesus’ call for us to be these agents of change?

4. How can we at Apostles live into this call?

Close in prayer
5-10 min

Share prayer requests and end with this collect from the Prayer Book.

O Lord, we pray that your grace may always precede and follow after us, that we may continually be given to good works; through Jesus Christ our Lord, who lives and reigns with you and the Holy Spirit, one God, now and for ever.  Amen.Amen.