Alpha Resources

Alpha Films

Week One — Is there more to life than this?
Week Two — Who is Jesus?
Week Three — Why did Jesus Die?
Week Four — How can I have faith?
Week Five — How does God guide us?
Week Six — How and Why Should I Read the Bible?
Week Seven — Why and How do I Pray?

Books & Talks

Alpha Talks — All of the Alpha film talks in written format.

Searching Issues — Thoughtful responses from a Christian perspective to some of the big questions about God and life that may come up during Alpha. (available in digital format)

Why Jesus? — A short book on who Jesus is and why he is relevant to our lives.

Bible in One Year — A daily app that helps you begin to explore and understand the Bible.

Alpha Recommended Reading — A list compiled by our friends at Vintage Los Angeles of helpful books for each week of Alpha.