Life Groups are small gatherings, usually of 12-15 people, that meet during the week in people’s homes around the city. Currently, LifeGroups are meeting in the Heights, Cottage Grove, West University, Meyerland, and Jersey Village with new groups starting regularly.

Community as essential/as family
Our hope is that every member of our community would be part of a LifeGroup as the primary means of experiencing community and practicing the way of Jesus.

Gathering around a table
We commit to gathering around the Lord’s table every Sunday and around tables in homes during the week. We want to prioritize this commitment and miss only in the case of sickness or unforeseen circumstances. 

Weekly meal together
Jesus was constantly eating meals with his followers and those far from God. Shared meals lead to shared lives, which is our goal as disciples, family, and missionaries of Christ.

Pray together
Praying together helps knit us together and draws us nearer to Christ. LifeGroups provide a real world “lab” in which we learn to pray and experience God’s presence and power in community.

Practice together
Three weeks a month you spend time discussing what we are leaning as a church. The main goal is to workout how to work out the teachings of scripture and practices of Jesus as a community in everyday life. 

Share life
Meeting together one night a week is great… but we are aiming for more. LifeGroups are about sharing our lives through time through everyday relationship. The invitation, for you as a leader, is to have your eyes open. To see opportunities in which your parallel life can intersect with the lives of those in your LifeGroup.

Monthly mission
Each LifeGroup adopts some sort of monthly event to promote a mission. This mission should be tangible, repeatable, ongoing, and done together. LifeGroups also encourage each other in their individual expression of life as missionaries in their daily lives.