Monday, December 10

John 8:31-37

A strong foundation is the most crucial part of building a home that will last.  Signs of a weak foundation are immediately obvious in the form of sloping floors, cracked walls, or stubborn doors. 

In John 8, after long discourses with the scribes and Pharisees, Jesus addresses a group of onlookers.  These budding believers are beginning to understand that Jesus has authority and really is the prophesied Savior.  He now charges these believers to abide, or build their home, on His word.  This means more than accepting or obeying his word but giving it permanent residence in their lives, allowing it to teach them truth, and, in turn, set them free from sin.

The Jewish nation was known for their resilience and also for their pride, which is why Jesus’ comment about their enslavement was so insulting to them that they completely forgot about thousands of years of slavery and oppression they endured at the hands of many nations.  In fact, they even forgot about the Roman garrison, closely monitoring this inciteful, riotous people, that overshadowed this very conversation in the temple courtyard.

Abraham’s offspring were so proud of their history, that they were completely blind to the cracks in the walls of their faith.  They had grown comfortable and had even come to love the quirks of their paltry house.  But sin wounds more deeply than is evident on the surface.  One storm can obliterate a weakened home.

Jesus invites us to build our home in Him and on His word.  He is our rock, our shield, and our sure foundation.  When we ask Jesus to forgive our sins and rely on His word to keep us from becoming once again enslaved, we will be sons and daughters of God the Father and inheritors of the promise of eternal life.

- Mikah Alge

1) What does abiding look like in this season for you or your family? 

2)  Is this time with Jesus shaping and influencing your way of life?  Why or why not?

For Families: 
*If you wanted to build a house all by yourself, how would you know what to do?  Who would you ask?  Could you do it all by yourself?  Why or why not?  If we wanted to know how to live a holy life, one that was pleasing to God, who would be the best person to ask? 

**Lord, thank you for sending Jesus to show us how to live a life that pleases you.  Help us to surrender control, and show us how to make sure you are the foundation of our lives.  Amen.