Wednesday, December 12

John 14:1-7

Reflection:  Take time to read the passage.  Circle or take note of words, concepts, or truths that stand out to you.

Jesus of the Upper Room reveals significant things to me. 

(1) He loves me.  Jesus’ tenderness toward his bumbling, oafish, often clueless, occasionally noble disciples, tells me that his love is full of grace and forgiveness.  He gets who we are. 

(2)  He is not like me.  His is an authority and majesty in a place I dream of and long for.  In that place he has rooms that he has prepared for us.  Our current dwellings are not the goal.  Heavenly dwelling places have been made ready.

(3) He has a plan.  I don’t see much evidence that others ever seemed to understand the plan.  (I don’t think I would have been any different.)  But he knew what he was doing and he was steadfast to the plan from first to last.  Jesus of the Upper Room persuades me that though I don’t see the way, I can trust him with the plan.

(4)  His power is absolute.  When I read the Gospels I am surprised by how many times Jesus told the disciples in what seemed to be plain language that he knew where he was going and that when he got there he would be handed over, would suffer and die.  At this last meal, his certainty is equally evident.  Just as before, he knew where he was going and what awaited him.  Significantly, he knew death would not rule the day.  A tomb would not be his resting place.  His friends would see him again and soon.  Divine power is the power that puts death in its place. 

(5) He loves me.  (I know I used this one already but it seemed worth repeating.)  He opened a way to the Father so that I might be with him forever.  The way isn’t hard to find. It isn’t elusive or changeable.  He is the way.  I just stay near him.

- Diana Wisdom

For Families: 
*When you go on vacation, what are some tools your parents use to find your hotel?  How would you react if, instead of getting directions to a new place, someone told you, “You will know the way”?  You would probably feel about the same as Thomas the disciple!  But, when it comes to how to get to the Heavenly Kingdom, we can be sure that Jesus knows the way and he will give us everything we need for our journey home.

**Jesus, thank you for your care, for your changelessness, for your plan, and for your power in our lives.  Help us to remember that you are Lord of lords and that to trust in you is the best way to pursue you and your ways.  Amen.